Eco-friendly taps and showers

EcoSmart: Save water and energy

Climate protection starts with showering and ecological hand washing. AXOR and hansgrohe taps and showers fitted with EcoSmart technology consume up to 60% less water than standard products. EcoSmart reduces water and energy costs and conserves valuable resources. No matter whether you're shopping for yourself or the hotels or sports facilities you own, that’s something we can all be happy about.

Using water-saving products to seal the deal – your selling points

  • Customers can save huge amounts of water because the flow is automatically limited in EcoSmart products. With EcoSmart+ technology, the savings increase further.
  • Lower warm water consumption = la lower energy requirement, as less water needs to be heated. This means lower CO2 emissions and lower energy costs.
  • Outstanding service in sales pitches: Calculate the amount your customers will save thanks to EcoSmart with the hansgrohe savings calculator, which crunches the numbers on how quickly an investment in the bathroom will pay off.

Showers with EcoSmart technology – facts and functionality

By reducing the amount of shower water consumed on a daily basis by up to 60%, many EcoSmart overhead and hand showers consume just 8 litres of water per minute, with some managing to use as little as 6 litres. This is achieved through a clever flow limiter, special spray jets and the addition of air. The water pressure is not a concern here, as a ‘precision O-ring’ responds flexibly to the water pressure and adjusts the water volume.
EcoSmart showers save water.
The ‘precision O-ring’ in EcoSmart hand showers: If the water pressure is high, the size of the opening decreases. If it is low, it expands.

EcoSmart basin taps – facts and functionality

Thanks to EcoSmart technology, the water consumption in all AXOR and hansgrohe basin taps is reduced to around 5 litres per minute, while EcoSmart+ products consume just 4 l/min at 3 bar. So you can save up to 60 percent – and sometimes more with certain products. How? The specialised flow limiter only allows a certain amount of water to flow out of the tap. The EcoSmart aerator is built into the tap’s spout and enriches the water with air. These two elements result in a full, bubbling water spray.
EcoSmart taps save water.
The ‘precision elastomer’ in EcoSmart taps: Responds to differences in water pressure by adjusting the diameter – a consistent way to save water.

Private bathroom customers: the balance between sustainability and comfort

Your private customers will surely be able to appreciate a sustainable lifestyle with less resource consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. Show them how EcoSmart products help to strike a balance between ecological responsibility and comfort when enjoying water. A positive side effect for bathroom owners: Mindful consumption is also gentle on the household budget. When using an 8.5-litre hand shower, for example, a family of four can save 47,320 litres of water compared to a standard shower head consuming 15 l/min. If this family heats their shower water using gas, this results in an annual saving of 439 euros*. Use the hansgrohe water savings calculator to work out the potential water and energy savings with your customers.

Save water in the bathroom with hansgrohe EcoSmart.
Rebris, the new hansgrohe tap range, uses innovative EcoSmart+ technology to limit the flow of water to max. 4 l/min. CoolStart technology helps to increase the savings further.

Project business: low operating costs – the product soon pays for itself

Water and energy savings are key criteria when it comes to furnishings, especially when working on major projects. In buildings with lots of bathrooms and toilets (hotels, public facilities, etc.), the savings potential is multiplied when EcoSmart products are installed. The great thing about it? There are no extra installation costs or effort. EcoSmart showers and taps are an option in numerous complete shower and wash basin ranges, so planners and architects can find everything they could possibly need.

hansgrohe basin taps in hotels.
EcoSmart taps in hotels: As the operating costs are so heavily reduced with this technology, investments often pay off within just a few months.

A selection of EcoSmart products from the AXOR and hansgrohe brands

*The example calculation is based on the assumption that people living in this household shower for an average of 5 minutes per day, with water costing €5.37/m³ and gas 12 cents/kWh. The prices suggested here can be adapted to the individual to get the most accurate result possible. Further information is available via the water savings calculator on the end consumer website.

Hansgrohe SE cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results. The calculation can be influenced by several unforeseeable factors and is therefore non-binding.