Select your shower pleasure

Select: intuitive water control

Pressing is often easier than turning. Select is the name of the technology where a small button brings a great amount of comfort into your own four walls. Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, products with a Select push button boast intuitive water controls and a minimalist tap design. 

Excellent selling points for Select: intuitive, attractive, efficient

Whether in the shower, at the wash basin or the kitchen sink, regulate water at the touch of a button with Select. Customers across all generations will be delighted to have more comfort, convenience and precision when handling water. The Select push button makes many everyday routines easier and is perfect for children, the elderly and people with restricted mobility.
  • In the shower your customers can switch jet types on the hand and overhead showers in just one click. They can also control up to five consumers using the Select thermostatic mixer.
  • At the wash basin the Select push button turns the tap on and off. Press once for on, press again for off. Both the operation and design are reduced to a minimum here. 
  • At the kitchen sink the water flow can be quickly paused and restarted using the Select push button on the tap. An ergonomic refinement that aims to use water purposefully and make kitchen chores a breeze.

Operate showers with Select – for indulgent showering at the touch of a button

Switching the jet type or toggling from hand shower to overhead shower: The Select push button is a highly convenient control unit in the shower. Its durability was put to the test in a long-term load test, where it wowed with a whopping 90,000 activations. The Select push button on hand showers makes the jet switch-over as easy as it’s ever been. You can control three different jet types here – from soft to strong. The diverter button sits on the ergonomic handle to make it easier to switch jets with one hand. The Select push button principle also takes hold in our overhead showers. Would you rather have a stimulating or soft shower? The jet types can be switched in the centre of the spray disc – it’s all purely mechanical.
Raindance Select hand shower with jet type button.
Showering with more comfort and ease of use: Your customers can select the jet types conveniently at the touch of a button on Select showers.

Control the shower with Select: thermostatic mixers that look and feel great    

Select thermostatic mixers look elegant and impress users with their performance. Up to five consumers can be conveniently controlled here – even at the same time, if needed. Easy-to-understand, wear-resistant symbols also help to spark joy among all generations when they use the shower. Select push buttons adorn the front of exposed thermostats, where the consumers can be simply switched on and off. Select push buttons are also perfect for use on flat concealed thermostats, as these sophisticated water controls blend in seamlessly in the room and amaze users with their minimalist design. Even more comfort and convenience: The thermostatic mixer, porter unit and hose connection are built in with AXOR ShowerSolutions and hansgrohe RainSelect. 

Concealed controls with Select technology.
High performance and minimalist to the max: the concealed installation AXOR ShowerSolutions thermostat module for two consumers.

Operate taps with Select – design quality stripped back to the essentials

The Select push button on the tap ensures the ultimate in user friendliness at the wash basin. The button sits on top of the tap here, so your customers can conveniently start and stop the water flow. These innovative water controls manage to do without handles and create a new look in the bathroom. Another plus: more clearance at the wash basin. 

Talis Select basin tap with Select technology.
Minimalists love Select taps! This Talis Select tap manages to do without an operating lever. The water is simply turned on and off at the touch of a button.

Kitchen taps with Select – ergonomic and accurate workflow    

Select catches people’s eye wherever water flows. Including the kitchen sink, of course. Your customers can set the required temperature on the handle prior to use, and Select will ensure comfortable and convenient operation. Select allows users to pause and restart the water flow precisely while they work, either on the tap itself or via a Select operating module on the sink rim.
Whether on the tap or the basin rim, Select elements win people over with convenient and accurate control of the water flow at the kitchen sink.

Select technology is a recipe for success in the kitchen, too:
  • Convenient operation – optimum use of water.
  • The water flow can be stopped and restarted at any time while you work. Click = pause. Click = restart.
  • With the pull-out spray and Select push button, even filling up large containers can be done single-handedly.
  • Sophisticated ergonomics, effortless to operate using an arm, the back of a hand or an elbow to keep hands free and taps clean.

Selected products with Select technology