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Use AXOR and hansgrohe ComfortZone tests to find the right tap

The tap and wash basin need to work well together to avoid annoying instances of water splashing on clothes or around the wash basin. The ComfortZone tests from AXOR and hansgrohe are reliable testing methods for finding out whether our taps and wash basins by leading manufacturers are a good match. For more reliability during the planning process and top-quality consultation.

Various tap heights, numerous options – one testing method

A wash basin can serve various purposes: It’s simply there for washing hands in a toilet, can be used to wash hair and is a general all-rounder for a wide array of everyday uses. But no matter the demands made of the wash basin, the two components – the tap and wash basin – need to work well together for a harmonious design for excellent aesthetics. And with regard to the functional properties, to prevent water splashing on clothes or around the wash basin. This way, the user will be able to enjoy their choice for a long time to come, and the plumbing or planning specialist will have yet another satisfied customer.

Perfectly fitting AXOR tap and wash basin combination.
When aesthetics and functionality make a good match: In the ComfortZone testing method, the tap and wash basin combination is scrutinised in terms of splash behaviour and usable space.

With the ComfortZone test, Hansgrohe has developed a reliable testing method that checks, in realistic conditions, whether the taps from the AXOR and hansgrohe brands are a good match for standard wash basins by leading manufacturers. The taps are fitted by following the relevant installation specifications and tested based on the following criteria:

  • Free space between the tap and wash basin
  • The water’s splash behaviour at various pressures
  • The splash behaviour when washing hands

AXOR and hansgrohe specialist partners can download the in-depth test reports for free. Countless tap and wash basin combinations have already been put through their paces in our test centre. The technical expertise gained here and the results, which have been collected over many test cycles, offer reassurance during the planning stage and sales pitch. The ComfortZone test is an exclusive service that acts as a guide for customers and a valuable consultation tool for specialist partners.

ComfortZone tests with hansgrohe taps: tested combinations for the ultimate in convenience

Just as hansgrohe boasts a broad range of taps, the brand’s ComfortZone tests are equally as extensive: Several thousand tap and wash basin combinations have already been checked. The test results, which have been sorted by ceramics manufacturer, provide an overview of suitable wash basins for various hansgrohe tap ranges in different designs, heights and installation types. hansgrohe has defined five types of ceramics here:

  • Wash bowl with tap behind
  • Wash bowl with tap on top
  • Wash bowl with tap on the wall
  • Concealed installation or counter top wash bowl with free-standing tap
  • Wall-mounted wash basin with tap on top

The right taps are listed for each type in the test results. The results are free to download as a PDF.

A tap and ceramics combination that isn't a good fit.
It’s annoying when the tap and wash basin don’t go well together and the water splashes everywhere as a result. The ComfortZone tests show which hansgrohe taps go well with which ceramics.

What happens in the ComfortZone testing method?

The clearance test
This focuses on the clearance in the tap and wash basin combination – in other words, the amount of room the user has to move around between the spout and drain. In this test, a test ball is positioned between the tap and wash basin to check whether the user can comfortably wash their hands. If the ball doesn’t fit in the centre under the water jet, the combination should not be recommended based on this test alone.

The spray test
This test checks the combination’s splash behaviour. There must not be splash when the water hits the wash basin. In this test, the tap is turned on and off several times. The wash basin must stay dry during the entire process. Next, the tester will assess whether any splashing that has occurred outside of the basin. To make the results as realistic as possible, the splash test will be performed several times for each tap at various pipeline pressures.

The practical test
The splash behaviour when washing hands is checked here. A standardised hand model simulates hand washing by rotating the hands three times under the running water jet. Any splash that occurs outside of the basin will also be assessed here.

AXOR ComfortZone test: for a tap that also works on an aesthetic level

Customers who choose AXOR taps to be fitted in their bathrooms appreciate aesthetics and perfection. To satisfy these requirements when choosing the right wash basin, AXOR puts various tap collections and wash basins by renowned ceramics manufacturers through their paces in ComfortZone tests. These combinations are tested for their overall aesthetics and their functional properties. When the AXOR design experts select wash basins, they pay particular attention to the style, price and design requirements. They are split into five types of ceramics for the test, for example wash bowls with a tap on top or counter top wash bowls with a free-standing tap. The five types are described in detail in the test results, which are available to download for free.

Tap with waterfall jet and built-in wash basin.
An aesthetically and functionally perfect combination: The AXOR Massaud tap with wash basin. The geometry of the wash basin needs to be a perfect fit for the stunning waterfall.

Harmony at the wash basin

AXOR bathroom collections are created in collaboration with prestigious designers. Inspired by their unique style, they are visionary bathroom concepts with huge design variety. So it’s all the more important that all components in an AXOR bathroom are carefully coordinated. The AXOR ComfortZone tests reveal which wash basin styles go well with which AXOR taps. Divided into individual bathroom collections, the results provide a practical overview, and solid foundations for your consultations with customers.

Functionality test for extra comfort

Alongside the aesthetic effect, the AXOR ComfortZone tests check that the products work well together. The clearance under the tap and the splash behaviour are tested here. The combination needs to satisfy the requirement of making it feel comfortable when washing hands, which also depends on the space to move between the tap’s spout and the drain. When the water hits the basin, it must also not splash onto clothing or the surface around the wash basin. Various tests are also conducted under realistic conditions to check the splash behaviour, clearance and practical use.