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Use AXOR and hansgrohe ComfortZone tests to find the right tap

The tap and wash basin need to work well together to avoid annoying instances of water splashing on clothes or around the wash basin. The ComfortZone tests from AXOR and hansgrohe are reliable testing methods for finding out whether our taps and wash basins by leading manufacturers are a good match. For more reliability during the planning process and top-quality consultation.

Various tap heights, numerous options – one testing method

A wash basin can serve various purposes: It’s simply there for washing hands in a toilet, can be used to wash hair and is a general all-rounder for a wide array of everyday uses. But no matter the demands made of the wash basin, the two components – the tap and wash basin – need to work well together for a harmonious design for excellent aesthetics. And with regard to the functional properties, to prevent water splashing on clothes or around the wash basin. This way, the user will be able to enjoy their choice for a long time to come, and the plumbing or planning specialist will have yet another satisfied customer.

Perfectly fitting AXOR tap and wash basin combination.
When aesthetics and functionality make a good match: In the ComfortZone testing method, the tap and wash basin combination is scrutinised in terms of splash behaviour and usable space.

Tested by sanitation professionals: Hansgrohe ComfortZone tests

The results of the ComfortZone tests serve as a guide for a perfect combination of faucet and ceramics, all in keeping with the individual needs of your customers. The following criteria are tested:

  • Free space between faucet and sink
  • Spray behavior at different water pressures
  • Spray behavior when washing hands

For this purpose, our faucets are assembled according to the corresponding installation specifications and tested under realistic conditions over multiple test cycles. Hansgrohe's Technical Service Center has already put countless combinations of faucets and sinks or vanities to the test.

The results are available to AXOR and hansgrohe specialist partners to download free of charge as detailed test reports

AXOR One faucet in Matte Black
Perfect interaction: In the ComfortZone test procedure, faucet-ceramics combinations are tested for splash behavior and usable space.

How the ComfortZone test procedure is executed:

Use our findings to your advantage in your planning: Since 2011, our Technical Service Center has been testing the compatibility of faucets and ceramics. The functional tests performed provide sound information on the suitability of the selected combination.

After all, the Hansgrohe ExcellentFit is not just the result of a single test. A total of three different individual tests are carried out on a wide variety of sink-faucet combinations. Click on the green dots to find out exactly how the respective individual tests or test phases work out.

hansgrohe faucets and sinks: Perfectly synchronized with one another

hansgrohe’s range of faucets is comprehensive. Together with hansgrohe’s own range of ceramics, countless combination options are available. To make sure you can meet your customers’ individual wishes when planning their bathrooms, our Technical Service Center has tested not just one, but a wide variety of sink installation types:

Sink installation types:

  • Countertop sinks (attached to the wall/vanity)
  • Built-in sinks
  • Undermounted sinks

Faucet installation types:

  • Faucet on the ceramics
  • Freestanding faucet
  • Wall-mounted faucet

By the way, the ComfortZone test results also include tested combinations of hansgrohe faucets and ceramics from other leading manufacturers. In the next section, you will find the faucets that are optimally suited to the respective installation types.

Different types of installation for sinks.
Representation of different installation types that the ComfortZone test checks and evaluates.

Results of the ComfortZone test by hansgrohe

Bringing together what belongs together: faucets and ceramics from hansgrohe

AXOR ComfortZone test: For a functional, fitting faucet

Customers who choose AXOR faucets to furnish their bathrooms value aesthetics and perfection.In order to meet these demands when also choosing the right sink, AXOR tests a variety of faucet collections together with the ceramics from renowned manufacturers as part of the ComfortZone tests. In the process, these combinations are tested on their functional properties. When the AXOR design experts select the sinks, they pay particular attention to style, price, and design standards. For the tests, they are divided into five types of ceramics, such as vanities with faucet on top or countertop sinks with free-standing faucet.

The test results are available to download free of charge as PDFs.

Faucet with waterfall spray and built-in sink.
An aesthetically and functionally perfect combination: The AXOR Massaud faucet with matching ceramics. A beautiful waterfall needs the geometry of the sink to fit exactly.

Harmony at the sink

AXOR bathroom collections are created in cooperation with renowned designers. Inspired by their hallmark styles, they embody visionary bathroom concepts and offer a wide variety of designs. This makes it all the more important for all components in an AXOR bathroom to be carefully matched to one another. The AXOR ComfortZone tests show which sinks harmonize stylistically with which AXOR faucets. Divided into individual bathroom collections, the results provide a practical overview – and thus a comprehensive foundation for customer consultation.

Functionality test for more comfort

The AXOR ComfortZone tests examine not only the aesthetic effect but also the functional interaction of the combination. Here, the free space under the faucet and the spraying behavior are tested. The combination must meet the demand for comfortable use when washing hands, which is also defined by the freedom of movement between the faucet spout and the drain.In addition, the water must not splash onto clothes or the area around the sink when it hits the basin. For this purpose, various tests on spraying behavior, free space, and use in practice are carried out under realistic conditions.  

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