Creating space in the bathroom

sBox bath tub: hose coiling system for added convenience

The sBox bath tub ensures feel-good relaxation with many benefits: The long, easy-to-extend hose guarantees room to move and convenient use of the hand shower. The specialist can quickly install this innovative shower hose solution in two steps. The system takes up little room, is low maintenance and is a joy for experts and customers alike.

sBox bath tub: for systematic spa-like moments

  • The sBox bath tub is a practical design solution that tidies up the bath tub for a beautiful look that hides the shower hose.
  • It rolls up the shower hose out of sight in the bath tub rim. In bath tub shower combos, your customer can pull the convenient 1.45-metre hose back out as and when required. It’s easy to do with little traction or holding force needed.
  • Controlled, protected and safe hose guide with no twisting or tangling. 
  • The pre-fab set is universally compatible (as long as the bath tub rim is wider than 71 mm) and allows customers to position the hand shower anywhere along the bath tub rim or tiled surface.
  • It is rounded off with a metal flange. Your customer has the choice of two attractive designs: linear or oval – with smooth, easy-care surface finishes.
  • The closed system is low maintenance, leaving very little to complain about.
sBox bath tub: hose system for bath tub shower combos.
For a tidier bathroom with more space to move: The all-in-one sBox bath tub system is a clean solution for renovations or new builds.

Optimised process and convenient two-step installation

In the simple two-step installation process, the basic and pre-fab set are fully integrated into the bath tub rim or tiled surface using optimised processes. The sophisticated installation unit has a cardboard placeholder to simulate the clearance beneath the bath tub or tiles. The mixed water pipe connection is included in the basic set.

No matter whether it’s round or linear, there is a flange design to match your customer’s bathroom taps, while a flat concealed installation pre-fab set guarantees an even greater operating radius. Your customer is sure to find the right product for them in the wide range of hansgrohe hand showers.

Also: The sBox bath tub is designed to replace the previous Secuflex system with concealed installations in the bathroom. And it has made many impressive improvements on its predecessor: 

  • 30% longer hose extension; 50% less traction; 60% less holding force. 

sBox bath tub: basic and pre-fab sets for uncluttered bathroom design