Contributing to protecting our planet

Sustainability: our biggest concern and your best selling point

Water is life. Water is our passion. So we do all we can to protect this precious resource: with water- and energy-saving showers, taps, and technologies. Manufacturing and disposing of these products also impact our planet’s environmental and resource cycles – and we take responsibility for this. As for your customers, they love it when you help them to save. 

Green. Greener. Eco* 2030.

“By 2030, we plan to convert our entire water-bearing product range for the hansgrohe and AXOR brands to water- and energy-saving technologies. In future, they will need to be part of every energy-related renovation and every energy-efficient new build. We are dedicated to working with others to make the right emission-based changes in bathrooms and kitchens.” 

Hans Jürgen Kalmbach
Chairman of the Executive Board of Hansgrohe SE 

* The Hansgrohe Group defines “Eco” as the reduction of the water and/or energy consumption of water-bearing products in usage by at least 22 percent compared to 2020 (the base year).

Hansgrohe is making water-bearing products eco-friendly.
Green. Greener. Eco 2030 is the name of the Hansgrohe Group’s lighthouse project. Under the leadership of Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, we are making all water-bearing products eco-friendly.

Our path to the green transformation

Less hot water, fewer CO2 emissions

The usage phase of a hand shower is by far the most CO2-intensive. Around 1,000 times more CO2 is emitted here than during the manufacturing process. We have therefore made it our mission to design sustainable product solutions that combine water- and energy-saving technologies such as EcoSmart and CoolStart with sensational moments with water. We want to protect people, the environment, and our planet, as this is at the core of our brand’s DNA.

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Excellent design and resource conservation go hand in hand at Hansgrohe. With our EcoSmart (launched in 2007) and CoolStart (2012) technologies, consumers have been saving water and energy, day after day, for many years. And we have set even more ambitious environmental goals for the future.

Pulsify - for a sensual, sustainable shower

With Pulsify, everything revolves around efficient and indulgent showering. Nine out of ten customers agree: Pulsify EcoSmart is a sensational showering experience – and it uses 40 % less water in the process.*

More on Pulsify

*trnd customer survey with 150 testers, July 2022. Water saving compared to the hansgrohe average.

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AXOR Conscious Showers by PHOENIX

In addition to existing water-saving products, such as AXOR Conscious Showers, AXOR will systematically update its product portfolio over the next few years as part of the Green Products initiative.

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Save water, energy, and money!

Our tip: Use our water savings calculator in your sales pitch. The practical online tool enables you to calculate the amount of water your customers could save if they choose taps or showers with EcoSmart technology. The savings calculator also figures out how soon these investments can pay off.

Do you want to save water in a business project or in a domestic household? Please use the relevant link to work out potential savings: 

Save water in a domestic household

Save water in a business project

Transparency about ecological impacts right down to the product level 

The relevant stakeholders see us as credible because we are transparent about our environmental impacts. For example, we contract independent parties to verify our environmental product declarations and we participate in company rankings.

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Green is more than just a colour