Save money when consuming resources

Save water, energy and money with the hansgrohe EcoCheck Kit

Water- and energy-saving showers and taps are one way in which hansgrohe contributes to protecting the environment. Not only that, but increased sustainability when using resources also saves money. Our products are used in many hotels to provide the best comfort with efficient consumption. Calculate the potential efficiency gains in your property with the help of the EcoCheck Kit.

A simple check with the EcoCheck Kit

With the EcoCheck Kit, you can easily determine how much water and energy you could save in the shower if you were to switch to a hansgrohe EcoSmart product. Start by working out your current consumption with the kit’s Water Flow Measuring Bag, then use the hansgrohe water savings calculator to determine your individual savings. You can work out your potential savings in just five steps.

Step 1: Place your shower head into the bag or hold the Water Flow Measuring Bag under the tap or the overhead shower.

Step 2: Quickly turn on the shower or tap on full.

Step 3: Do a 5-second countdown, then quickly turn it off.

Step 4: Read the flow rate on the bag in litres per minute.

Step 5: Discover how much water and energy you can save per year in your property with the water savings calculator.

The Pulsify Select S 105 3jet hand shower included in the hansgrohe EcoCheck Kit beautifully demonstrates how you can conserve precious resources – while enjoying your shower to the fullest. 

EcoSmart technology saves money

hansgrohe showers equipped with EcoSmart use up to 60 percent less water than our products without this technology. The flow limitation allows our overhead and hand showers to use just 8 litres of water per minute, while products with EcoSmart+ consume as little as 6 litres. hansgrohe taps on wash basins and bath tubs use just 5 litres of water per minute (at 3 bar), while EcoSmart+ taps even use just 4 l/min. And all this without any decline in comfort.

    Great showering pleasure with low consumption

    In a study conducted by market research company TRND*, consumers in Germany and France in 2022 did not notice any significant differences in showering between EcoSmart showers and those without the water-saving technology. Now you can experience this feel-good sensation for yourself with the EcoCheck Test Kit. 

    EcoSmart pays off in two ways: Less water consumption also means lower energy costs for hot water. You can now easily work out the specific volume saved with EcoSmart by using the Water Flow Measuring Bag and the hansgrohe water savings calculator.


    • Since there’s no surcharge for hansgrohe EcoSmart taps and showers, there’s no reason not to plan them into your next project!
    • The savings effect that EcoSmart delivers is particularly noticeable in hotels and buildings with many showers and wash spaces.
    Laughing woman showers with Pulsify S hand shower.
    Enjoy a great shower despite lower water consumption: Our EcoSmart products consume up to 60% less water than conventional hansgrohe products.

    hansgrohe water savings calculator

    Use our water savings calculator to quickly calculate how much you can save in euros online.

    What you need for this:

    • Number of showers installed 
    • Occupancy rate / frequency of use (annual average)
    • Water costs at your location (euro/1000 l)
    • Type of heating source (electricity, oil, gas, etc.)
    • Heating costs in the facility (euro/kWh)

    The water savings calculator also indicates the amortisation of the new hand showers. 

    Calculate your savings potential!
    Water savings calculator on a laptop and tablet.
    Use the online water savings calculator to find out how much you could save.

    A selection of our water-saving products

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