High-end with three jet types

Aquno Select M81 kitchen tap

Check out the future of intelligent kitchen workflows here. The exclusive hansgrohe Aquno Select M81 kitchen tap is all about more functionality, more sustainability, more design quality and more emotion in daily kitchen tasks. No other hansgrohe kitchen tap range has ever been as water-efficient as this. Or as multi-tasking or versatile. And the design? An archetype.

The perfect flow at the sink – for your discerning customer base 

The Aquno Select M81 kitchen tap represents an all-in-one concept for efficient water use at the sink and offers the ultimate support for any action involving water. 

  • More functionality. Three jet types to cover all activities: They gently rinse off food like no other, wash hands while also conserving resources and clean/fill large objects just like that, with very little spray. The flat, micro-fine PowderRain jet cascades from the tap’s tablet (base). Users can switch between the shower’s clear laminar spray and voluminous shower spray intuitively using the Select push button. 
  • More sustainability. As much as necessary, as little as possible: the Aquno Select M81 is the most economical of all hansgrohe kitchen taps. Not only does the sensationally flat jet pamper hands, vegetables, fish or meat, it also uses water as efficiently as possible, with an optimised flow of 4 l/min. 
hansgrohe kitchen sinks, designer taps and multi-function filters.
Our new flagship kitchen product is the perfect partner for cool designer kitchens and modern interior design. Comes with a multi-function filter, a practical all-rounder for the perfect fit.
  • More design quality. With the choice of a striking high arc spout or linear L-shaped spout, the Aquno Select M81 is a new archetype of design. The long-lasting tap stands out in a wide range of kitchen settings. Available in an elegant stainless steel finish or in shiny chrome. Comes with a multi-function filter for hygienic and ergonomic rinsing, storage and draining. 
  • More emotion. Sometimes the way to get people to fall for design is through their stomach. Whether your customers want a shower for their food or intuitive controls, this absolute gem of emotional kitchen design will leave your customers head over heels in love.
Luxurious hansgrohe designer kitchen tap.
A new archetype of design in the kitchen: The Aquno Select M81 and its high arc spout meets the monolithic design of the tablet, where a flat jet flows.

Round or L-shaped? That is the design question.

The two new products are eye-catchers with their monolithic base set. The sBox kitchen variants with pull-out sprays make work highly flexible as the hose can easily be extended. 

The Aquno Select M81 with high arc spout

The high arc spout greatly emphasises the synergy between angles and curves. Users can simply and intuitively switch between a laminar and a lockable shower spray on the pull-out spray. The control for turning the water on and off and adjusting its temperature is built in to the tablet in the form of a single-lever handle on the side; the two-hole version features a separate rocker lever for this function. 

hansgrohe designer kitchen taps for pairing with wall cupboards.
A clear and purist design with an L-shaped spout. This design option succeeds in creating a harmonious and spacious feel when matched with wall cupboards.

Award-winning design

The new design with its innovative tablet has even won over expert juries. The German Design Council called it: “A very interesting innovation. The clear design of the linear base also makes it very aesthetically pleasing.” The kitchen tap with its countless small sprays that clean fruit and vegetables very gently then continued to cause quite a stir: First of all, it won the German Design Award in the Gold category. After scooping the ICONIC AWARD 2020: Best of Best, the KitchenInnovation of the Year 2020 in gold shortly followed. The latter is awarded to the most user-friendly products of the year. 
German Design Award logo
The German Design Award goes to innovative products and projects and their makers and designers, who are pioneers in the design world in Germany and beyond.

The Aquno Select M81 with L-shaped spout

The kitchen tap features a linear look with its L-shaped spout. The angled outlet pipe emphasises the linear design, while the L shape is a great match for wall cupboards. This Aquno Select M81 comes with a pull-out function with a laminar spray. Customers also have the choice of switching to the flat shower with this model.

Which sink is a good match? 

No matter the design option your customers choose, they can enjoy an effortlessly easy and efficient water workflow with the Aquno Select M81. The new premium tap looks amazing on large sinks. We recommend matching it with a hansgrohe stainless steel or SilicaTec counter top sink with one basin. There are certain checks that need to be made if pairing it with a double-basin model with or without a strainer bowl, as there may be pre-drilled screw holes or markings for the kitchen tap. This sink model also requires a separator between sink basins.